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Digital Leap

Bespoke mentoring programs for local councils.

Humble was commissioned by City of Moreton Bay Council to design and deliver a technology adoption mentoring program for small businesses in their region.

City of Moreton Bay Council has adopted a Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) for the region. This strategy outlines a plan to modernise Moreton Bay’s economy & attract more investment, with the aim of delivering an additional 16,000 new businesses and the creation of 100,000 new jobs by 2041. Council believes that encouraging innovation, including the adoption of digital and technology solutions, will contribute towards building a more dynamic and modern economy for the region. Thus, one of the three headline objectives of REDS is for Moreton Bay to be one of the top ten regional knowledge and innovation hubs in Australia.

Council has identified an opportunity for the delivery of a technology adoption mentor/mentee program to support this objective. Humble was commissioned to develop and deliver the resulting program, Digital Leap.

Digital Leap is a three-month mentoring program to help local businesses improve their productivity through the adoption of technology. Participants are paired with experienced mentors to help them identify areas of their business that could benefit from the implementation of technology, whether this be in their marketing, inventory management, production or anything in between.

We managed the whole program experience on behalf of City of Moreton Bay Council, from program design and project management, through to marketing and communications. We were also responsible for the management of program partners and the management of program events.

“An outstanding program for our local businesses.”

Anne Lawrence

City of Moreton Bay Council